who we are

It started with a hashtag.

Our friend Eve had the same reaction many of us did after the US election - a grief cycle that went from despair to blind rage and back again. In processing that cycle, she declared "that New World Order is tired - Nasty Women Order. Who's ready? I'm done crying. Let's get to work." And so, Nasty Women Order was born.

We are a group of women in the Twin Cities dedicated to supporting women and LGBTQ causes and spaces. We’re a thinktank and an organization that gets shit done. We decided to get off our asses and put our blood on the front line, just like so many women have done before us. We will not get complacent this time.

what we'll do

  • Highlight existing organizations who support women and the LGBTQ community, through fundraising, volunteering, and social media amplification.
  • Provide a safe space for women to meet and exchange ideas and plans.
  • Nurture our own activism thinktank to create practical, scalable campaigns to improve the lives of women and the LGBTQ community.